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Become our distributor

As part of our global expansion, our company is actively seeking new distributors to market our products. By partnering with us, you will gain access to wholesale prices, promotional materials, and comprehensive support resources. Furthermore, we are looking for individuals to take on the role of exclusive general distributor for specific countries. This esteemed position will be offered to standout new distributors who demonstrate exceptional performance, allowing them to oversee and manage other distributors within their territory.

We also want to highlight the unique opportunity presented by our horse bedding products, made from wood shavings—not as a by-product of sawmills but as a primary product. This distinction underscores the quality and care we put into our production. With an increasing number of stables transitioning from traditional hay—which can pose health risks to horses—to our easier-to-manage, healthier wood shaving bedding, the demand for our product is surging. This shift signifies a dynamic market with vast potential for significant profits.

We believe that our wood shaving horse bedding is not just a product but a game-changing solution in animal care. It represents an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest in a market with a shortage of high-quality options. As more stables recognize the benefits of wood shaving bedding over hay, including ease of handling without heavy machinery and the health benefits for horses, we expect the demand to continue growing. This is your chance to be part of a thriving market with enormous growth and profit potential. Join us in this exciting venture and become a key player in a market poised for success.

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